Aug 282018
#ifyougodowntothewoodstoday #fairytoadstools #itcantbeautumnalready …can it? Lots to see on the path through Kinloch Woods on the way to the abandoned village at Leitir Fura Toadstools and mushrooms – quick where’s the foraging book? First crop of blackberries picked too today – ready for the next batch of homemade blackberry and apple jam for the B&B’s breakfast table
Aug 052018
Introducing my 2019 calendar (…is it that time of the year already?) Those who know me or have visited the B&B will now that I also take landscape photos that I sell at the B&B and every year (its become somewhat of a tradition) I produce a calendar of photos I ave taken in the previous 12 months – a montage if you will! The full set of 12 photos can be viewed online and retail at £10 each (+P&P as required). They can be purchased via my photography website too or you can get your hands on one at the B&B or craft fairs I’ll be attending in the local area leading up to Christmas (sorry I used the C word!!)  
May 232018
This bird box (one of two we have here) was put up 3 years ago and within 2 days a family moved in – here’s this year’s residents. They are busy little critters and quite hard to capture in a picture. #bluetits #bluetitchicks #springwatch
May 172018
The walk in Kinloch Woods is one of my favourite short walks, allowing Maisie and I to stretch our legs for an hour. During the day we see a couple of like-minded dog walkers and those off to see the abandoned village of Leitir Fura further down the track. In the evenings we see no one, and have the walk, the sunshine and the views to ourselves.
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