Oct 062018
So winter is on its way – this morning whilst outside (at 0730) opening the deer gate, the clouds parted and there it was, on the very top section of Beinn Sgritheall – snow, yes that’s right, snow has fallen on the top of our nearest Monroe. Don’t forget your hats and gloves people!  
Aug 282018
#ifyougodowntothewoodstoday #fairytoadstools #itcantbeautumnalready …can it? Lots to see on the path through Kinloch Woods on the way to the abandoned village at Leitir Fura Toadstools and mushrooms – quick where’s the foraging book? First crop of blackberries picked too today – ready for the next batch of homemade blackberry and apple jam for the B&B’s breakfast table
Aug 052018
Introducing my 2019 calendar (…is it that time of the year already?) Those who know me or have visited the B&B will now that I also take landscape photos that I sell at the B&B and every year (its become somewhat of a tradition) I produce a calendar of photos I ave taken in the previous 12 months – a montage if you will! The full set of 12 photos can be viewed online and retail at £10 each (+P&P as required). They can be purchased via my photography website too or you can get your hands on one at the B&B or craft fairs I’ll be attending in the local area leading up to Christmas (sorry I used the C word!!)  
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